ISM is an interdisciplinary eduction program with a wide perspective on managing global and information intensive business operations. The high-quality Master’s programme is taught in English at the Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland.

– WHY ISM? –

Information based services are seen by the European Union as the primary growth area of advanced economies, and the Master’s degree programme in Information and Service Management (ISM) is perfectly positioned to train future information workers that are able to develop and manage these services. The interdisciplinary nature and emphasis on data analysis and project management provides students with skills of analysing the ever-growing supply of information and new technologies and managing electronic business operations.


Currently, more than half of the ISM students are from outside Finland and coming from the most diverse countries, such as China, Russia, and many more. The English teaching language makes sure that the learning environment is really welcoming to foreigners and all the professors and school staff are fluent in English and at least one more language besides Finnish.



Inventions and innovations are often born as a result of multidisciplinary research collaboration, as one field of science explores the boundaries of another. The Information and Service Management Programme, as the name describes, gathers in one Master’s programme three different spheres which are of high repute in the current business world. Aalto University wants to realize the full potential of its multidisciplinary nature given that it not only combines the various areas of specialization found within the university but also collaborates actively with the surrounding society – with companies, bodies governed by public law and industries, making it truly unique.



Most of the core courses in the ISM Programme have cases as their main learning tool. This means that students get to spend relatively little time inside the classroom and more time with self and group studies. At the same time, ISM courses often offer events and seminars with companies which bring a very practical bias to the learning.



Embedded in the programme structure there are three different elective areas of specialization from which the students can choose upon their start on ISM. The tracks are further described in the “Specialization Studies” section. At the same time, the ISM student is entitled to choose from a vast list of minors that could be taken in the School of Business or in other Aalto schools.